Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.Peter A. Levine

are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • * Chronic pain or recurring physical symptoms (stiff, tight, sore, rigid, lacking mobility etc) that is affecting daily life.
  • *Lacking physical ability, not reaching performance targets or feeling stuck at a certain performance level.
  • * Stress (Chronic or acute) . Feeling exhausted, irritable, overwhelmed, anxious, intolerant and just not like yourself?
  • * Feeling stuck emotionally or creatively. Feeling blocked or uninspired by routines, habits or patterns? Difficulty with decision-making (career, relationship, priorities, etc)?
  • *Injury or illness or dealing with effects from past ones (accidents too).
  • * Feeling disconnected from yourself, others or the earth?

through compassionate touch, movement education, energy medicine and verbal guidance, I assist with…

  • Practicing deep relaxation
  • Regaining control of your muscles to improve function, performance, mobility and freedom.
  • Witnessing your process and acting as a support.
  • Connecting to and deepening your awareness and experience of yourself.
  • Relieving pain and stress
  • Teaching you self-regulation strategies for prolonged results

my aim

Is to connect with you to facilitate personal growth, and physical/mental well-being. To guide you to sense, feel and know yourself from the inside out more fully (live more somatically). I currently offer private sessions, and teach group classes & workshops. I look forward to collaborating with you.

with metta,

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Founder, Holistic Practitioner & Facilitator

make self-care a priority so you can experience health & longevity for years to come!

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