Healing is not as difficult as you might think. It requires nothing more than what you would give any friend: attention, understanding, compassion, and love. The first step is to see your body as a friend, with its own healing powers and its own self-sufficient system for maintaining health.Lee Holden, Qigong Master
Founder, Holistic Practitioner & Facilitator

B.A Kin/Phys. Ed, B.Ed,
Wellness Practitioner & Movement Educator

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Hi, I’m Sandi Beaupre. Welcome to mettafor! I’m grateful you’ve stopped by. I am a Thai massage practitioner, movement & wellness educator, Reiki master and Clinical Somatic Educator (in training). My mission is to connect with people to facilitate personal growth, and physical/mental well-being. I currently offer private sessions, and teach group classes and workshops.

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can i assist you with?

  • * A chronic pain condition; do you need relief and assistance to re-educate/re-pattern for better functioning? Are you healing from injury or illness, or dealing with the effects of past accident or injury?
  • * Getting unstuck physically or emotionally (i.e. rigidity, recurrent symptoms, releasing old traumas, big decisions, career, relationship, etc). Identifying and releasing limiting belief systems and patterns.
  • * General stress & tension relief. Practicing the art of relaxation through caring and compassionate touch and verbal guidance.
  • * Living more SOMATICALLY. Connecting to your heart, body & mind and deepening your awareness and experience of self.