The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.W.B. Yeats

what is access consciousness?

Access Consciousness is a pragmatic set of tools, processes and philosophies that assist individuals to create change more easily. They allow people to expand their awareness and live more consciously, inviting greater ease, joy, abundance, choice and possibility in life. The purpose is to empower everyone to trust their own knowing and to create more connection and oneness in the world. Access encourages us to live and be in question which invites the universe to show us possibilities beyond what our logical minds can conceive.

It's not about telling you what you should/shouldn’t do, what's right/wrong for you or about finding answers to your problems. It’s about empowering you to find what works for you. If something feels energetically light for you, it’s true for you. Truth is individual and will feel boundless, inspiring and spacious. Anything that feels energetically heavy is something you’ve bought into that’s not true for you. Following heaviness isn’t bad or wrong; it just might not create what you truly desire.

frequently asked questions

Founded by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, Access Body Processes® are gentle hands-on touch techniques that wake up and activate natural energies that already exist within your body. The result is more communion and connection with your body. Your body has the ability to generate and heal itself and these processes invite and assist your body to create that more easily. Each process facilitates the body to function optimally in it’s own unique way.

During treatment, you will be lying fully clothed on a massage table or in a position that is comfortable for you. Gentle touch on different areas of the body is all that’s required. Sessions can be quiet and meditative and sometimes verbal facilitation and questioning will accompany the bodywork. We follow the energy of the session and encourage clients to be open and honest about how they’re feeling. It’s best to come with an open mind, unattached to a specific outcome or result. You will receive more if there aren’t fixed points of view or expectations about what a session will or won’t change. For example, if someone has a very narrow focus of what they expect to happen, they would not be able or willing to acknowledge any other change that did show up. In essence, that person would be shutting off receiving something different or even greater than they imagined. Founder Dr. Dain Heer says, “ what shows up will always look different than what you imagined.”
Each Access Body Process® will be a different experience because you and your body are different each time, each moment. It’s common though for people to experience sensations similar but not limited to, tingling, warmth, lightness or heaviness in limbs, spaciousness in mind and body, sense of peace and calm, electrical waves of energy, seeing colours/images or having certain memories resurface. Some quickly fall into a deep relaxed mental state or sleep while others may have more active minds or not feel much at all. When undoing trauma in particular, some people may even experience uncomfortable sensations as their body works to undo the damage that has been done. Every body will sense or demonstrate it’s own unique response. The good news is that there is no right or wrong, good or bad, or significant meaning attached to what is or isn’t experienced for it to actually work. It just works and you can trust that your body knows how to process and receive the energy. Practitioners have no control over you and there is nothing that can force you into receiving or changing anything. Practitioners are there to facilitate, listen, follow the energy and invite you and your body to a different possibility. You and your body have to choose to say yes to that invitation. Knowing that, you can let your mind relax and let go of control while your body receives. How does it get any easier than that?

Yes! All living beings are receptive to these processes. Humans of all ages, animals and even plants can benefit from this energy healing. Access acknowledges that kids come into this world with complete awareness and much more consciousness than we give them credit for. These processes can allow any child to have more ease socially, improve their study habits, sleep, coping abilities, manage stress better, improve their immunity to illness and develop a deeper connection to their body. Children are often more receptive and create change faster than adults too.
Even just one session will create benefit but the more you receive the Access Body Processes®, the more responsive your body becomes and the more dynamic the result. It is entirely up to you and depends on what you are searching for. How much ease, change and happiness would you like for your life and body? As much as possible? A little? Some people enjoy doing a series of 3, 5 or 10 sessions closer together to work on a specific condition or to affect change more quickly, and some prefer to space sessions out monthly or randomly as a preventative measure and as a way of maintaining health. Ultimately, we encourage you to trust your own awareness and would be honoured to assist and facilitate you in making those choices along the way.

access body processes®

1. Quiet mind chatter; create more space and ease to make choices.
2. Improve grades, work performance and mental clarity without working longer or harder.
3. Induce deep relaxation to ease stress, anxiety and improve sleep.
4. Increase allowance and ability to handle difficult people/situations that once caused irritation.
5. Change what is limiting you without logically analyzing or figuring it out.
6. Create more peace with money, body, health, relationships and other areas of life.
7. Create more ease with ADD/ADHD/OCD/Autism.
8. Effectively cope better with addictions, trauma and pain (physical, mental & emotional).
9. Experience more joy & happiness. General depression vanishes for many.
10. Boost self-healing capacity, providing quicker recovery time with injury and illness.
Your practitioner activates 32 different points on your head. The electromagnetic component of the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, belief systems, points of views and considerations you have are stored there. The energy of a fixed point of view (conscious or unconscious) becomes solidified and blocks the awareness or receiving of anything that doesn’t match that conclusion. This limits your capacity for change in that area of your life. Changing the energy will change how that area is functioning. A simple, easy and enjoyable way to change the energy is to have your bars run. It helps to undo the automatic programming of your mind and is like deleting old files off your computer, making room for more useful ones. Access Bars have assisted thousands of people with many aspects of their lives and is completely safe and gentle for everyone, at any age, with any condition. Even women have found more comfort throughout pregnancy and birthing when having their Bars run regularly. The worst that can happen is you feel rested, the best that can happen is your life can change.
Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System
Despite the complex name, MTVSS, like most Access Consciousness Body Processes®, is simple and gentle. It is deeply relaxing as it loosens rigidity in the body and creates renewed spaciousness and openness. Nearly 30 different energies are activated that start to unlock the molecular structure, patterning and programming of different problems that otherwise wreak havoc in the body.
The healing possibilities are vast but can raise skepticism from for those who are firmly entrenched in the philosophies and practices of Western medicine. MTVSS can significantly and naturally boost the immune system and re-write the blueprint of the body from the inside out. It is designed to undo disruption, aging, chronic conditions, immune disfunction, and anyway the body is malfunctioning. It has even been reported to change conditions such as cancer, arthritis, sports injuries, fractured bones, sick organs and more. MTVSS acts as an immune system builder, increasing energy and vitality and can improve physical/sport performance.
“20-30 times will change your whole body structure, allowing it to show up as it was designed to, not as points of view have forced it to show up. It creates so much change that your friends … may ask what’s different about you, how much weight you’ve lost, if you got your hair done or had a makeover. When you receive MTVSS, you DO get a makeover from the inside out; to become the greatness of being you.” Gary Douglas, founder of Access
Do you want better eyesight but don’t want glasses, contacts or corrective surgery?
Do you stare at computer screens, cell phones, or other devices that create strain, sore, tired eyes and/or headaches?
Have you experienced some kind of trauma to your eyes?

Start to reverse eye problems, trauma and symptoms of all kinds (age-related or not) with this natural process. It can even work on your animals. 15 different potent energies are activated to heal, sooth and rest the eyes. Not only does this process unlock you from what is creating less than perfect physical vision for you, it also unlocks fixed judgements you have about aging and what might or might not be possible to change. These healing energies can also start to reverse the olding, aging, degeneration and disease in other areas of your body.
And if that’s not enough, Access Vision Correction can even impact a deeper level allowing you to increase your awareness and ability to perceive, unlocking problems that have been limiting your life, body and reality. What change do you wish to SEE?
You can forget the surgery, anti-aging potions, medications, chemical injections, lasers and even facial exercises. This is the most natural, non-invasive, relaxing and nurturing facelift you’ll ever try. It’s also wildly different than any anti-aging process out there.
A hands-on touch technique to the face, neck and decollate will activate 30 different energies simultaneously that will affect your entire body at the cellular level. This energetic facelift reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reverses signs of aging such as discolouration and scar tissue. Natural tightening of the skin, more vibrancy and a youthful glow can be noticed even after just one session. It could also shift self-imposed judgments and limitations regarding aging and your body. This process can create magical results if you are willing to receive and be open to the possibilities.
Best results are seen with a consecutive series of 3-10 sessions to continue the rejuvenation process, create results that permeate other areas of the body and go deeper than what lies on the surface.