You can be fully in charge of your life only if you acknowledge the reality of your body, in all its visceral dimensions…you need to get back in touch with your body, with your Self”Bessel van der Kolk

online sessions

mettafor has been closed to the public since March 16th due to the COVID-19 outbreak. During this time, there are a few ways that we can continue to work together through online ZOOM sessions.

1-1 (private) sessions will be 45-60 min. in length. For April and May we are offering a sliding scale of $45-$75 as I know many of us are facing a new financial reality. Interac E-transfers only.

I don’t have group classes scheduled as of yet but stay tuned for those as they are in the works.

Right now, I can support you by offering the following:

1. Distance Reiki
2. Gentle Somatic Yoga
3. Somatic Movement Education
4. Acuball Therapy for self-massage (must have your own acuball products)

In addition, please consider liking and following our facebook page (click icon in the footer), where we have started sharing a variety of resources to assist with your self-care during this time.

Like you, I am on a learning curve of change and may be adding classes and offerings as time goes on. Please check back frequently for updates or reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  Email me at , or call 519 760 1372.