Just for today, I will not worry, or be angry. I will do my work with integrity. I will be thankful for my many blessings and show kindness to all living beings. Reiki principles, Dr. Usui

what’s the beauty of Reiki?

Developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, healing modality of channeling universal life energy to balance seven main energy centers in our bodies known as “chakras.” It’s often channelled with hands hovering over the chakras and/or gently placed on areas of the body such as the joints. These chakras, also known as prana or life force energy, are invisible wheels of energy that extend out and align with the spinal column from it’s base to the crown of the head. It is vital for keeping us alive, healthy and vibrant.

Disease never starts in the physical body. It actualizes first in the subtle bodies and if not acknowledged or resolved at that level, will work through the layers until it presents in the physical body as pain, discomfort or illness. Reiki works on the dis-ease rather than specific symptoms and will alleviate stress, anxiety, emotional/mental/spiritual imbalance or distress, lack of energy, heaviness in spirit and physical discomfort. This holistic element allows people to recover from illness faster, maintain overall health, and more importantly, prevent illness and experience life more joyfully.

frequently asked questions

Each chakra has a purpose and relates to a different area of our life and body. In order to achieve physical and emotional peace, they must work together to create balance.
1. Root (Muladhara)
• base of spine, earth element, immune system, kidneys, colon, bladder, feet & legs
• material world, survival & self-preservation needs, self-esteem, stability & physical energy
2. Sacral (Svadhisthana)
• just below navel, water element, adrenal glands, liver, upper intestines, pancreas, stomach & sexual organs
• emotional realm, relationships, sexual energy, control, creative expression
3. Solar Plexus (Manipura)
• between navel & breastbone, fire element, middle spine, spleen, upper abdomen, gallbladder, small intestines
• mental body, personal power, ego, intellect, will, self-honoring, beliefs about self
4. Heart (Anahata)
• middle of chest, air element, lungs, breath, circulation, shoulder girdle, bridge between body, mind & spirit
• astral plane, source of love & compassion, openness, trust, faith, forgiveness, validation.
5. Throat (Vissudha)
• Throat area, sound element, cervical spine, thyroid, parathyroid glands, ears, jaw & mouth
• self expression through communication, choice & decision-making, integrity between thoughts & feelings
6. Third Eye (Ajna)
• between & slightly above eyebrows, light element, brain, nervous system, memory, vision, concentration
• intuition center, perception, wisdom, inspirations, imagination, psychic phenomena
7. Crown (Sahasrara)
• top of the head, information element, pineal gland, right brain, nervous system, muscular system, mental clarity
• awareness, spiritual connection with the universe, oneness and higher levels of consciousness
Each person’s experience is unique, however, Reiki is commonly felt as:
• Calming, loving and nurturing energy as it flows through the body.
• An immediate release of stress and feeling of deep peace and relaxation.
• A shift in consciousness, hovering in a sleep-like meditative state, yet still aware of surroundings.
• A release of emotions that may present as lovely or uncomfortable. Initial discomfort could be part of the “detox” where old patterns or memories may surface and clear, accelerating the healing process.
• A release or shift in the degree of physical discomfort.
• Mentally refreshing and cleansing, creating a feeling of space and clarity.
• A beautiful sensory experience. Warmth or coolness radiating from practitioners hands, subtle electrical waves, pulsations, tingling, twitching and other physical sensations, and colours or visions may appear.
Anytime, really. Commonly in our western world, people wait until they have a “complaint or concern” but in the east, these practices are a regular part of life for prevention and maintenance. Regardless of the presence or absence of illness, it’s a beautiful practice for uplifting and expanding spaciousness in oneself, allowing you to have more ease with all things in life.
No. It is extremely accessible and risk free for everyone including babies, elderly, pregnant women and others who might have special circumstances or conditions. In fact, all living beings including plants and animals can benefit from the healing powers of Reiki. Energy healing of this nature activates self-healing mechanisms in your body, thereby allowing for the energy to be used in the exact way you need it, safely and effectively.