Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.Peter A. Levine, Ph.D

why these therapies?

Science tells us that energy is all around us and in the cells that make up our bodies. To focus only on the physical and tangible is to deny a vital part of our being. All modalities offered have an energy balancing aspect (direct or indirect) that impact body, mind and spirit to honour you as a whole person. In addition, each modality style works to activate your body’s self-healing mechanisms, essentially allowing you to heal yourself. 
These are all stand alone modalities and can be used that; however, a fusion of modalities during one session might be most beneficial or desired. The most ease and enjoyment happens when both parties have open communication, and are willing to be flexible and present.

The therapies available can create greater harmony, prevent illness & injury and maintain overall well-being. Some of the greatest changes we experience from energy balancing are actually non-cognitive, meaning they shift things in our lives, realities and bodies on an energetic level that we might not be consciously aware of or can easily understand. The wonderful thing is that it’s not always necessary to understand everything in order for us to benefit from it. An easy way to change anything is to choose to be willing and receptive and acknowledge the magic when it happens. Feeling lighter, spacious, more like yourself and having a sense of ease and freedom in your body and mind are all signs of the inner shifting.

You might consider sessions to “refresh” your state of being if you feel:

  • * creatively blocked
    * congnitive functions are suffering (i.e decision making)
    * exhausted, irritable, not like yourself
    * physical, emotional or mental dis-ease
  • * physical pain, stiffness or tension
    * stuck in patterns or routines
    * heavy, lackluster or uninspired
    * like you need a break, rest or sleep
And… if you already feel fantastic, there is no harm in receiving more goodness. It’s a great way to care for yourself and maintain health & happiness!

questions about sessions

It happens often and is a sign your body is shifting to Rest-and-Digest mode, a deeper physical and mental relaxed state. The deeper the relaxation, the less control and resistance you use over your body (i.e gas, digestion) and consciousness. Our bodies move and release energy in lots of ways (coughing, yawning, sighing, crying, laughing…etc) so the less resistance the better. Try to allow your body/mind to do what it needs to do and go where it wants to go. You will be gently woken if you’re participation or interaction is required. If you need to leave the room to use the toilet at any time though, please speak up.
Try to keep calm and acknowledge what’s occurring. Sometimes being uncomfortable is a positive thing because it could mean you are moving beyond a pattern or structure (either physically or emotionally) and is often where the magic of change takes place. However, if it’s time to change position, move your body, add/remove pillows, take a break or if you are experiencing pain of any kind, then please communicate with me immediately.
It’s your session so ultimately, your choice. I do believe though that best results occur when you connect with yourself, your body, and listen to what’s presenting. Sometimes facilitation (conversation, question asking, instruction) is required and relevant to the word being done and clients are always encouraged to speak freely about their preferences, or anything they are experiencing during the session. You don’t have to worry about your session getting hijacked with small talk. I know the value of quiet to reflect and be so it’s most beneficial to be present and go with what’s required in that moment.

For more detailed information on the modalities I offer and how they work, click on the links below.