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upcoming classes & workshops

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    Gentle Somatic Yoga @ Living Yoga & Health (weekly class)

    A subtle and slow paced class that blends Hanna Somatic Education with breathing techniques, healing meditations and gentle yoga postures. We will “reset” muscle tension through specific muscle contraction followed by slow, deliberate release and complete relaxation. This is called Pandiculation and it re-programs your brain to muscle connection, thereby unlocking holding patterns of stress and pain. This practice increases self-awareness, flexibility and freedom in your soma. Monday's 10:30am - 11:45am, Sept 11th - Dec 4th, 2017

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    Somatics & Meditation @ Living Yoga & Health

    This afternoon workshop will alternate between movement and stillness, combining Hanna Somatic Education with periods of seated meditation. Instead of struggling to seat ourselves in traditional meditation postures, we will unwind and release both physical and mental tension through slow and subtle movements, allowing a calmness to arise that will naturally deepen concentration and awareness. Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 1-4pm

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    Thai Yoga Bliss @ Moksha Yoga Guelph

    A beautiful experience of total relaxation combining gentle therapeutic movement with Thai massage. Each segment of the class specifically addresses a body part of movement pattern to release tense, tired muscles. Your breathing will slow, your body will release tension, and you will descend into deep bliss through self awareness. This is a collaborative workshop led by several instructors and tough therapists. We support you as in Restorative Yoga, you move gently as in Therapeutic Yoga and receive compassionate touch as in Thai Massage. Date TBD Fall 2017

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    Hall Style Thai Massage

    Coming soon… Date TBD Fall 2017