Sandi is a warm, caring and deeply intuitive person. I initially came to mettafor in 2014 for Thai massage. Sandi has since introduced me to some of her other modalities – specifically Reiki and Access Bars. I enjoy my regular sessions with her, in which I feel very connected to myself, to other living beings and to Source energy. Sandi has incredible capacity for intimacy and I always feel healed when I work with her.Heather Fenton, graphic designer & meditation teacher

a little background

I am a bodyworker, movement educator, Reiki master, and facilitator.

An athlete growing up, I was naturally drawn to a degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education and continued on to complete a Bachelor of Education. My initial work-life was focused on teaching Health & Physical Education and coaching athletics both internationally and locally.

In addition to having a deep connection to the physical body, I have always been keenly interested in the emotional and spiritual dimension of our human experience. I’ve expressed this curiosity by exploring different cultural, spiritual, movement and bodywork practices, both at home and through travel, meeting like-minded people along the way.

In 2005 while volunteering at the Sivananda Ashram in Quebec, I was introduced to Thai Massage. For me, it was a compelling union of my two life-long interests – the development of the body and the exploration of the mind. The study and practice of Thai massage was a turning point, and became a natural path for me to combine my interests. In 2009, I opened mettafor as an expression of this path. Over the years, I have continued to seek training in a variety of modalities, allowing both myself, and my skills to expand and evolve.

I am fascinated with the mind/body connection and am especially drawn to methods that practice self- regulation, self-empowerment, and self-awareness as a means to heal pain conditions, trauma of all kinds and create more freedom. I love working with people and am deeply drawn to facilitate personal growth and healing through a holistic and somatic approach. I offer my complete presence and awareness to those I work with.

I currently offer private sessions, and group workshops/retreats utilizing Thai massage, Reiki, Acuball Therapy, Gentle Somatic Yoga, Clinical Somatic Education (in the tradition of Thomas Hanna) and most recently TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises). I am currently completing training to become a TRE Provider.

These modalities have contributed to my own healing in ways I could never have imagined. I’d be grateful to share them with you and be a part of your experience in life, however big or small.

my education


    Bachelors of Education, Nipissing University, North Bay
    B.A Kinesiology & Phys. Ed, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo


    Level 1Medical Intuition (in training), Lori Wilson, Online
    Medical QiGong Level 1,
    Master Teresa Yeung, Toronto
    Access Intuition, Lori Wilson, Inner Access 101, Guelph
    Reiki Master Degree,
     Heather Embree, Blossoming Heart, Guelph
    Reiki First & Second Degree,  Marsha Adams, Niagara Falls


    Thai Yoga Bliss, Nicole Ablack-Ramkay & Paul Marrin, Toronto
    CTB Mid Back Protocol, Chuck Duff, Online
    Normalizing Rounded Shoulder Posture, Chuck Duff, Online
    How to Treat Neck & Shoulder Pain, Dr. Blake Martin, Toronto
    Chair Thai, Lotus Palm, Toronto
    Thai Style Head, Lotus Palm, Toronto
    Fascia & Thai, Emily Delea, Toronto
    Thai Reflexology I & II Certification, Lotus Palm, Toronto & Montreal
    Hands Free Thai, Thai Bodywork, Evanston, Illinois, U.S
    Pregnancy & Elderly Thai, Lotus Palm, Toronto
    Thai Massage I & II (Essential Certification), Lotus Palm, Montreal
    Thai Yoga Massage (Beginner 90 hrs), Sunshine House, Halkida, Greece


    TRE Modules 1, 2A & 2B , Toronto & Online, ON
    Clinical Somatic Education Module 4, Essential Somatics, Edmonton, ON
    Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach 1, Essential Somatics, Lindsay, ON
    Fundamentals of Hanna Somatics, Essential Somatics, Lindsay, ON
    Gentle Somatic Yoga Level 2, James Knight, B.C
    Reusi Datton 1, Loi Kroh Thai Massage & Yoga, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Mystic Flow- Yoga of Awakening, Seane Corn, Udemy
    The Yoga of Awakening, Seane Corn, Udemy
    Acuball Therapy, Marla Gold, Live Online
    Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Instructor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo
    Sivananda Yoga Center (5 wk volunteer karma yoga), Quebec


    Finding the value of you and your business, Simone Milasas, Udemy
    Talk to Entities – Intro & House Clearing A-Z, Shannon O’Hara, Telecall
    Access Level 2 & 3, Gary Douglas, Edmonton, AB
    Being You in Relationship, Dr. Dain Heer, Online
    Being You with Money, Dr. Dain Heer, Online
    Access Correcting Vision, London
    Access Energetic Facelift, Toronto
    Access Foundation & Level 1, Toronto
    12 Steps to Creating a Business That Works, Gary Douglas, Telecall
    Access Global Bars, Leaders Creating a Conscious World, Online
    Access Bars Facilitator Certification, London & Michigan, U.S


    Employment Counseling Techniques,Conestoga College
    Trends and Issues in the New Work Dynamic, Conestoga College
    Job Development Techniques, Conestoga College
    Diversity and Inclusion,
    Conestoga College
    Safety in the Workplace, Conestoga College
    Professional Ethics,Interviewing and Counselling,
    Conestoga College
    Career Counselling Techniques, Conestoga College

other interests & skills

House & Home

Interior Decorating, Planning & Renovation
Energetic House Clearing & Cleansing
Decluttering & Organization


Career & Business planning
Connecting and Collaborating
Basic WordPress


Somatics/Qi Gong/Yoga
Figure Skating/Group fitness/Dancing