what to expect at mettafor

integrative & holistic

Acknowledging you as a complete being of body, mind and spirit and working with modalities that support this philosophy.

empowering you

Assistance, facilitation and sharing resources is always available but most importantly, you will be encouraged to trust your own awareness and develop communion with yourself.

the practice of “metta”

The practice of cultivating loving-kindness, friendliness, compassion, and goodwill towards all beings, including yourself. May you be happy, healthy and loved. May you be safe and free from suffering. May you have peace and ease. May this weave through your life and the entire universe.

invite you to be you

The more open, vulnerable, and honest you are while exploring and embracing the depths of yourself, the more growth will take place. You’re invited to explore your comforts, shift and change as you choose to without expectation or judgment.

a peaceful space

You can expect a clean, calm and welcoming environment. Your needs and preferences will always be a priority, your privacy respected and distractions minimized.

integrating therapy & spa

The details can make a big difference in your overall experience.  The aim is to make your visit as healing, stress-reducing and enjoyable as possible by adding unique touches. There is no clinic assembly line feeling here.

embrace growth

Change is constant and often offers possibility for something even better to show up. As we learn, we grow and try new things both personally and professionally. Things shift around here regularly.

We have Furry Friends

It’s a cat friendly space with 3 cats living on site. Most often you won’t know they even exist but they do love the healing vibes and sometimes want to be near. They’ve even cuddled up with some folks. Don’t worry though, if you aren’t into cats, they won’t be in sight.

treatment room