Healing is not as difficult as you might think. It requires nothing more than what you would give any friend: attention, understanding, compassion, and love. The first step is to see your body as a friend, with its own healing powers and its own self-sufficient system for maintaining health.Lee Holden, QiGong Master

At mettafor, you can expect…

• Full attention on you, maintaining an intentional therapeutic presence

• A clean, calm and welcoming environment with minimal distractions (whether online or in-person)

• A safe space to explore and embrace your internal landscape without judgment or expectation. Go at your own pace.

• An integrative, somatic approach

• Focus on empowerment and collaboration, guiding you to trust your awareness and develop communion with yourself while receiving contribution. We do not subscribe to the “fix me” model

• Growth mindset – change and evolution is part of the mettafor identity