Incorportating self-healing techniques into your therapy program will aid both the speed of your recovery and your connection to and understanding of your injury, decreasing chances of further damage.Dr. Michael A. Cohen, D.Ac. D.C

how do acuproducts heal?

Are you an athlete or physically active person?
Do you work in an office and sit for extended periods of time?
Do you experience chronic high stress that is causing inflammation in your body?
Do you have old injuries that are holding you back?
Do you want to connect deeper and get to know your body better?

Regardless of your situation, we can all benefit from taking an active part in our own self healing process. In fact, when we do, our results are much more noticeable and significant.

Through guided exercises, stretches, passive release and acupressure techniques using the heatable Acuball, Acuback and Acuball Mini, you can learn how to relieve pain in your body naturally and effectively.


Once you learn and practice these techniques you will see an improvement in:

* Your ability to notice areas of patterning and source tension & know how to assist in healing your own body

* the immediate release of pain and stiffness in your body

* a notable decrease in stress

* improved results when you work with a healthcare professional

* deeper listening skills to understand your body’s language better

Book a private session to learn how to use these amazing self-healing tools for your specific concerns.