Comments & Reviews

I’ve enjoyed regular sessions with Sandi for nearly a decade, and highly recommend her as an extensively trained healthcare practitioner. I initially came to her for Thai massage and felt an easy connection with her- Sandi is a warm, caring and deeply intuitive person. She is what I’d call a ‘lifelong learner’ and has taken a ‘deep dive’ into a variety of healing modalities. Her love of knowledge, the depth of her experience and her fine attention to detail are apparent in every session she leads. She has incredible capacity for intimacy and I always feel healed when I work with her. As a yoga studio owner, I regularly invite Sandi to teach classes and workshops, and am incredibly grateful to be able to offer her expertise to our yoga community. Heather Fenton, Stream Yoga + Meditation Studio Owner (May 2020)
I am so deeply appreciative of the opportunity to work with Sandi to refresh my resume. I came to view this as a complete rebranding of myself and it really helped me to clearly understand my skills and how to frame my accomplishments in a manner that positions them as meaningful. Work achievements that I had down played or not even remembered have come to light in a new way. Becoming a CFO is a natural progression for me at this point in my career, but I never felt qualified enough to apply for these roles. This has now changed, and I am applying for CFO roles that are a fit for me with a new level of confidence! Thank you so much for such an uplifting experience (and it was truly about the time spent and discoveries made- the new resume and cover letter approach is an added bonus)!Meaghan, Financial Controller + Entrepreneur (August 2020)
I had an amazing virtual session with Sandi yesterday. I call her my “Reiki” lady but she is so much more than that!! If you’re feeling a little off kilter during these challenging times, Sandi’s your girl!! Debbie P-K, retired Life Coach (May 2020)
The tension in my shoulders and feet is completely gone! Your session helped so much and is one of the most in-tune massages I’ve ever received. Thanks again!Victoria Bauman, The O2 Awakening Breathwork Facilitator (July 2020)
Sandi is an amazing practitioner and bodyworker whose touch and understanding of what I’m looking for in each treatment is intuitive and incredible, whether I’ve been having trouble with certain movement/postural patterns, or if I simply need to relax and decompress- she blends the two so that I always leave moving better and feeling lighter and more comfortable in my body and mind. It’s clear she’s present in every moment of the treatment she gives, adjusting her approach as needed, and it’s evident from her professionalism that she loves what she does and continues her own learning to be the best practitioner she can be. I see Sandi regularly and have recommended both friends and my own personal clients to her. Highly recommended. Brit Hayes, Registered Massage Therapist (March 2020)
Thank you so much for coming to Ottawa! Not only is it very pleasant to be in your company but you are gifted to pin point the source of the problem and address it. You are a natural healer. So a big hug and thank you again. R.M.V, Client (January 2020)
Heartfelt Thank You. Remember when you asked me how I was feeling after the session, I answered HAPPY, which was exactly how I felt. I was actually feeling great joy, contentment, energized. I slept very well, my body was not as stiff and sore this morning as it usually is…Thank you for your generosity, patience and care. I am privileged to know and be touched by your gifts and your beauty. You are an inspiration to me and no doubt to all those you touch with your healing knowledge and motherly hands. Simone (November 2018 + September 2019)