Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathic witness.Dr. Peter A. Levine

TRE®️ (tension & trauma releasing exercises)

A somatic method for befriending our nervous system to recover from and prevent chronic stress, anxiety, tension or trauma. As a complimentary practice for traditional mental health therapeutic “talk therapy”, it supports healing at the deepest levels of our physiology, where traumatic responses originate. TRE® is all about learning to self-regulate and “follow the body”. People have reported it to have profound effects on resolving both emotional and physical symptoms of chronic stress and trauma including better sleep, an increased window of tolerance, more resilience and less physical discomfort for example.

IMPORTANT: this is a simple process that is intended to be a self-care method you can use to manage to manage your own stress and nervous system. However, it’s beneficial to work with a certified TRE® provider until you know how to self-regulate and work with what your nervous system is revealing. Most providers who are trained in this method have in depth knowledge and practice of how to use interventions and provide safety, and many still continue to have private sessions with other providers and attend group classes because of the profound effects having a witness provides. It also helps you to not get “stuck” in a familiar pattern.